Single Month Decline Development of 356.8m Achieved by Kamoa Project

Time:2018/8/24 17:01:00    110  Browse

In the morning of July 21, a new record was achieved by Kamoa Project in DRC with monthly decline development of 356.8m, which became breaking news in Africa.
        As one of the critical works for Kamoa Copper Mine - jointly controlled by Ivanhoe and Zijin Group (together known as Client), Kakula Decline Project was managed by experts and professionals from a dozen countries.
        In order to expedite the progress, Client made an unprecedented and bold move by starting construction in the progress of financing and engineering, and applied engineering concept of ultra-large-section decline for the first time. The size of twin decline are respectively 7m x 6m and 5.5 m x 6m, at 9.5°, which poses a great challenge to Kamoa Project.
        Facing the tight schedule, high standards and strict supervision, everyone on site worked without fear of danger, overcame obstacles of cultural and language barriers, cared about safety and quality, conducted the works in adherence to the design and requirements, to realize 6000 safe production hours. Under bad geological condition, such as sandstones, fractures, extra roof supporting and shotcreting were required, all these unexpected problems shall influence working cycle and slow down the advancing rate. However all these difficulties have been overcome by project team.
        This new record demonstrated the strenuous attempts and our determination to struggle for the glory of JCHX.